GMES-RUSSIA Project: Background
Project Background

In June 2001 a special hearing took place in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, to review the issues involved in Euro-Russian space co-operation, attended by deputies of the Duma and Members of the European Parliament, the European Commission, Rosaviakosmos, the European Space Agency and prominent scientists and industrialists. The meeting proposed the drafting of a document to highlight the new opportunities for Euro-Russian space collaboration.

New Opportunities for a Euro-Russian Space Partnership
Prepared jointly by: European Commission (EC), European Space Agency (ESA), Russian Aviation and Space Agency, Rosaviakosmos.

Recent discussions between the European Commission, ESA and Rosaviakosmos have led to a common understanding that there are three areas of immediate mutual interest with ample scope for reinforcing Euro-Russian space collaboration i.e.:

    - Launchers
    - Satellite navigation (GALILEO and GLONASS)
    - Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES)

These three fields - as well as "traditional" areas - will be evaluated with due attention to the features of each specific programme so that Europe and the Russian Federation can take maximum advantage of their respective capabilities, making the best possible use of available resources.

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