GMES-RUSSIA Project: Summary
Project Summary
Summary  Objectives & Approach  Expected Impacts

Problems to be solved:
GMES-RUSSIA establishes a first network of key data providers and users between the European component of GMES and Russia and contributes thus to the implementation of this specific EC programme. The project's activities are adapted to the Thematic Network approach and the Assessment Structure suggested in the ESD Work Progamme C(2001)4307:

    1) technical-scientific assessment,
    2) socio-economic aspects and
    3) institutional/organisational/policy issues.

The following GMES thematic requirements will be addressed (“cross-analysed”) from an assessment perspective:

    A-Land Cover Change,
    B-Environmental Stress,
    C-Global Vegetation Monitoring and
    E-Global Atmosphere Monitoring.
The aim is to support future (FP6) thematic priority projects by elaborating key issues now which facilitate or, vice-versa, cause obstacles for a successful project performance.

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