GMES-RUSSIA Project: Reports
Project Annual Reports

This report presents the results of the GMES RUSSIA Project that have been received by October 2003. The project started in January 2003 and it still continues till July 2004.

In accordance to project's methodology all work is broken down into Work packages that comprise the different aspects of the project's tasks. The time schedule prescribes for this year 2003 the work basically within Work packages 2000, 5000.
The latter presume not only the introducing to the Russian partners the GMES concepts and ideas and some preliminary introductory activities but the real intensive work in the field of technical/scientific assessments with regard to both chosen GMES thematic priorities: A, B, C, E and GMES assessment issues such as:

    "Users and User requirements",
    "Environmental Monitoring Infrastructures and Instruments",
    "Data quality and data policy",
    "Supporting Information Technologies"
and others.

GMES RUSSIA Annual Reportpdf-file(6,33 MB)
Summary Annual Reportpdf-file(714 KB)
GMES RUSSIA Final Reportpdf-file(4,19 MB)
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